Mocha Frappe – LOVE!

29 Mar

My hubby and I took a road trip through the Colorado mountains on the weekend and after driving for a while I had this sudden and urgent taste for something cold and sweet. I didn’t want to deal with melting ice cream in the car so we got a Mocha Frappe at the McDonald’s drive-thru. After we both had a first taste none of us wanted to give it out of our hands – it was sooooo good – and gone within minutes!

I thought there must be a (cheaper) way to replicate the drink at home and I found this awesome recipe and step-by-step instructions by Swistle! As soon as I get my blender back (we are in the middle of moving) I will give this a try. Bad news: during my research today I found out that the McDonald’s Mocha Frappe (which I had just crowned my new favorite road food drink) has 560 calories! Good news: Swistle’s version has only half of it, yay!

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